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Award-Winning Electronic Music Producer Dylan Tauber Is Back With Another Eccentrically Charged Album Dubbed, “I Am Alive”

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His reputation certainly precedes him; it’s hard to meet such a forward-thinking, visionary artist as Dylan Tauber, who has been succeeding on all fronts as an electronic music producer, cyberartist, photographer, and author. He is a master of his own craft who has been engineering a sound that feels nostalgic and yet relevant, unheard of yet warmly familiar, and that is uniquely rare and transformative. As someone who has always managed to slightly stay ahead of the curve, this music thing has been his favorite stamping ground, and that is why he adopts naturally to trend-setting music with his stylistic flexibility!

Through his Sons of Waves Studios, which has been responsible for the release of 16 critically acclaimed, electronically charged albums, Dylan Tauber is back with another 12-piece masterpiece themed, “I Am Alive”- true to that defining title, by the end of your listening experience, you will be feeling more alive than ever.

It has been quite a while since I listened to an entire album without skipping a bit, and this is the case with “I Am Alive”—from the first track all the way to the last one as I gave in to the immersive and immeasurable listening experience—with every track transitioning perfectly into the other and taking its listener from one dimension to the other. And as a mark of his virtuosity, every ambient instrumentation and vocals mirror the very intended theme for the track, whilst managing to authentically fit to the entire album’s theme about love and space exploration perfectly!

“I Am Alive” is the sort of album to be ingested fully from the 1st track to the last one without cherry-picking via the remote button…that is if you want to have the most surreal experience of your life!

Let’s talk about it as you imagine it, shall we? – “Love and You Will Live” has a striking, contagious energy that hits closer to home. The male vocals are such a flourishing addition, and the transcending ambient trance soundscape is best enjoyed at maximum volume. The male voice singing over the beats makes it very catchy, and its love-inspired theme and lyrics make it the perfect dedication to your significant other!

“Spirit Guides” is the closest thing you will get to a cathartic listening experience; it is absolutely phenomenal, and the sultry female vocals that lusciously swim through the electronic-infused dance melodies are enough to give you an eargasm.

“She’s a Dancer” is a dance floor staple; this one inspires you to throw caution to the wind and move your body with carefree abandon. There is also that inescapable raw emotional energy from the female-flavored vocals…that marriage with the deep, driving dance beats is so sweet it feels criminal!

I am in no way a devil’s advocate, but those beats in “Dreaming” slap like hell, and the track still manages to feel heavenly. The slightly audible female vocals are in perfect sync with the seamless blend of ambient melody and rhythm.

“Whales” is a proper trance anthem, with the beats frolicking up and down like dolphins, backed by the soulfully airless female vocals. This is sound design at its finest, highlighted by that meticulous songcraft and awe-inspiring production to arrive at something that translates to any dance floor globally.

“Reflection” has got those deep beats with a signature heavy bass and some artfully inaudible vocals that fit in with the music’s aesthetic, supplementing it thrillingly!

There is a whole lot of enjoyment throughout this undeniable masterpiece that I feel will go on a chart-topping rampage because of how good it is. Producers these days just don’t make sounds like this; I guess they’ve gotten comfortable, but lucky for us, Dylan Tauber still has a thing for timeless standards!

If you were looking for something to make you invigorated and inspired, your search ends here with, “I Am Alive”- follow the attached link and stream it in its entirety to get the wholesome experience!





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