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Experience Great Music Reimagined as Dev Terez Puts Your “Mind Right” With His Latest Single Featuring Keyon Clinton

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Dev Terez Mind Right

Dev Terez is the name you need to familiarize yourself with as he is about to make swift waves in the music industry with his refreshingly appealing style of R&B backed by his candidly warm voice that gets you each time you hear it. Originally from Beloit, Wisconsin, Dev grew up in Michigan and went to China in October 2019 for a fresh start, to travel, get inspired and of course focus on his music. And from his latest track “Mind Right” a listener is going to be mesmerized at how astoundingly a talented performer he is with the way he connects with a listener on a deeper level. What’s more outstanding about his sound in style and delivery is that there is a heavy emphasis on the details from the percussively layered instruments to the candidly crafted lyrics. Each element in this track has been absolutely tailored to outright perfection, giving listeners an enthralling feel and allowing them to sincerely connect with its thought-provoking lyricism. This is a track I’d easily recommend to any lover of classic and contemporary R&B. With the exceptional approach to production and musical artistry, this is a certified song that will ring for ages!

At its heart are the slowly charming, deeply inviting and meditatively alluring percussive elements that set the stage for the more intensive and speaker-biting kicking bassline that puts the melody to order while keeping your mind right while at it. There is something quite hypnotic about his sensual and seemingly gracious voice that will remind you of artists like Chris Brown and Usher. The atmosphere that builds up here is ethereal with the heartfelt lyrics making their way uninhabited to a listener’s caged heart. There is so much wisdom to his lyrics for each listener to resonate with. Peace of mind is important to a person’s life and you have to do everything to get your mind right and protect your sanity even if it means disappearing for a while, make sure you know your worth to do right by yourself before you can do right by others.

Keyon Clinton was the proverbial icing on the cake integrating his spoken word lyricism like a master of Literature! The poetic outpouring surmises the theme of the song perfectly and there was indeed no better way to put this track to climax. Dev Terez is just getting started and what a way to start! He has promised more stupendous tracks which will be flowing like water from uninhibited streams. And talking about streams, it’d be wise to stream this track, save it to your favorites playlist and share with all concerned as we get Dev Terez to the next big level. How about that!

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