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American Rap Magician D.O.A. Takes the Hip-Hop Craft to the Next Level With His “Never X Settle” Project

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D.O.A.’s hip-hop sound and style are a perfect match for both authentic and unique. As someone who grew up listening to hip hop music from the greats such as 2PAC, Biggie, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and others, he is dedicated to showcasing rare and underground music that still maintains the authentic sound and values of the origins they came from. D.O.A.’s authentic music is not only distinct but also holistic—the music speaks for itself. D.O.A. treats the microphone as if it were his personal diary.

Taking personal inspiration to the next level, D.O.A. was able to create the “Never x Settle” project; a 7-track collection that really speaks of his never-give-up attitude and unrelenting personality, his early triumphs and failures, family, and his daily musings.

“Visionary” is the opening track and one of the greatest representations of D.O.A.’s lyrical competence. Displaying his lyrical prowess like a master, D.O.A. unleashes a concoction of diverse flows, infused with masterful bars, wise perspectives, and lyrical conviction with artful savagery. This track is an ode to his indefatigable personality; the go-getter he is and someone who is always chasing success wherever he might find it!

My favorite quotes from “Visionary” are “It’s 2023 but this is 2020 vision”, “I never let them stress me I cut them off like vasectomies” and “Legacy over money I should start my own religion”

On “Supersede” D.O.A. lets the listener savor in the thickness and variety of his lyrical caliber as he unleashes another fierce side to his artistry with the rapid-fire bars, hard punchlines, and staggeringly vivid wordplay that sees him hold a conversation with himself. It’s like a competitive cipher, but only with himself!

On the track “False Prophets” D.O.A. confronts sensitive societal issues head-on with a no holds barred lyrical approach that is marked with that unforgettable chorus, “So watch for the false prophets who are looking to tap your pockets and lead you down the abyss while they mock you, we gotcha!”

The mellow, nostalgic production backs up his performance and allows for the real message behind the lyrics. This track demonstrates the power of hip hop music to always say things as they are…if for some reason, you prefer sugar-coating, I’m afraid this is not the genre for you.

“3AM in KC” is another heartfelt, thoughtful, and emotional performance that sees D.O.A. delve deep into his personal life and lay down thoughts that he feels need saying. Among the topics of interest is his troubled relationship with his baby mama, who has denied him access to his daughter, painting him as a deadbeat and hitting her with quotes like, “If I was such a nuisance, why the fuck you wanna tail me save your breath tell yourself whatever is relevant”

among my favorite quotes from this track are, “Always been a leader known for turning haters into fans” and “Tyson like the heavyweight never claimed to walk on beats my nigga cos I levitate and elevate your mind, Can’t call it growth if you just stay in place only competition called Kendrick & that nigga Drake can’t forget about Wale…”

“Never x Settle” is a 10/10 project that really paints authentic hip-hop in a good light. This is exactly how I remember my rap music, which makes D.O.A. my new favorite artist.

To find out just how much of “Never x Settle” you can take in, follow the attached link and let these masterpieces infuse your listening days.


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