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Atlanta-Based Rapper COWBOY5 Takes a Listener on a High-Energy Trip in His Single, “Turn Up.”

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Cowboy5 is a cultural force to be reckoned with; they say that some of the best rap artists out there are natural, avid storytellers who want to do more than just entertain their audiences; they want to connect with them on a more personal and deeper level while sharing their creative vision with the world. This is undoubtedly the case with Cowboy5- a rap artist who is much more than just a performer/entertainer; he is a self-sustaining empire, and his brand has been setting the bar higher in terms of quality production and intensely personal lyrics.

Cowboy5’s impressive discography is a treasure trove of splendid contemporary hip hop, with tracks exploring old school vibes and contemporary influences alike. It is thus not a fluke that Cowboy5 has been blowing up on streaming platforms, raking up millions of streams on such platforms as Soundcloud and receiving radio play and positive reviews from popular radios and magazines.

The fierce verses he lays down on “Turn Up” have continued to earn him an up-and-coming notice among the local and regional hip-hop community, and it is everything that he deserves. “Turn Up” is brimming with energy and melody and exemplifies the massive amount of passion that drives the artist’s endeavors in every way!

Cowboy5 combines fierceness and authority; displaying his A-level lyrical game and an innate ability to create a genuine connection with the listener. The instrumental mix is balanced and direct, with a really deep low end and crunchy, infectious vibrancy that adds a lot to the excitement of this track.

Like a true wordsmith, Cowboy5 takes no prisoners in his lyrical approach, coming off as both explicit and equally entertaining. The music video for this track is as powerful and sexy as the music itself, and will have you glued to the screen with such excitement and satisfaction…it is no surprise that it already has over 215K views!

To sink your teeth into this epic masterpiece; follow the attached link, subscribe to Cowboy5’s YouTube channel, like the video, and add it to your playlist!


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