Get Inducted Into the Country Music Hall of Fame as Cossard and Flemmard Have Delivered With Instinctive Flair on Their Debut Album “Wandering Soul”

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Cossard and Flemmard

This is a literal musical voyage into a land far away from home; Cossard and Flemmard decided to string together a musical expedition inspired by the book “The Music of Chance” by Paul Auster. Fabrice who happens to be a designer (Les Gobelins and is also a musician who has lived in London was the author of the lyrics. Manuel was the composer; he also writes songs and writes music for films, places titles with publishers in France and abroad. “WANDERING SOUL” is a 5-track compilation that is rich is melody, rhythm, and harmony. Today, we are going to spotlight the opening song of the album which also happens to be the title track for the album ‘Wandering Soul”; managing to effortlessly fuse the country, folk, and blues elements together with both sizeable confidence and assuredness, “Wandering Soul” is a stupendously energetic and delightfully fun piece of songwriting that both cheers up and invigorates a listener. Both Cossard and Flemmard deliver one twist-rollicking great vibe that is astoundingly performed and sensationally arranged, going out of their way to ensure that a listener gets to leave with a smile on their face and an extraordinarily strong shot of positivity and vibrancy boost, something that I am certain we can all certainly do with!

The distant vocals are subtly integrated to ensure that they are significantly audible and very much present within the sonic space, giving significant weight that belies a sense of a wandering soul. The lyrics have that reminiscent feel-good nature about them that evokes great charm and personality, ensuring an ingratiating listening experience that listeners can easily connect with. The upbeat rhythmic drive of the melody helps keep the energy levels at an all-time high and gives the track its brilliant danceable quality.

Melodically there are a plethora of engaging instruments on display, whether it’d be the wonderful flamboyance of the guitars, the highly effective injections of piano melodies, and the vibrant banjo that provides the quintessential twang that’s synonymous with the country genre. The harmonica, tambourine, and drums have also been melded together in excellent and abundant fashion to ensure that the recording and mix is of impeccable standards and ensure the track boasts great sonic clarity and warmth. In all standards, this has passed the quality standard and is why I strongly believe that the artistic style and lyrical authenticity on display stand to resonate well with listeners with a penchant for the mellow side of things.

Listeners will also get the chance to view the official music video for the track which is an excellent complement in storyline and is an ingenious concept in underlying symbolism with the moving pictures and thus, is the perfect complement to the song. The other tracks from the album include; “La Balade de love”, “No more boring long hours of fishing”, “Lost at sea” and “A New Lease of life”. Make sure to follow the link below, stream, and enjoy greatly composed music by French geniuses and you’ll leave to tell this tale to generations to come. Enjoy!

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