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Chris Scott, Head of Production at Level Up Music Productions and Multitalented Los Angeles-Based Artist, Releases “GYT (Grab Your Twin)” to Uplift Spirits on a Lazy Monday!

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Chris Scott’s journey thus far indicates an artist who has been growing from strength to strength, flanked by relentless resilience, unwavering dedication to his craft, and a work ethic comparable to that of the most dedicated professionals. He came through the ranks as a DJ, performing in nightclubs and bars in his Nashville city, forging a strong audience connection, and collaborating with artists in his home studio. He later moved to Los Angeles, where he continued sharpening his skills not only as a rapper but also as a producer, sound engineer, and songwriter. He skillfully blends rapping and singing, creating a sound that’s both innovative and acclaimed, spanning hip-hop, soul, and R&B, among other styles, as he does not believe in limitation when it comes to his self-expression.

He recently showcased his artistry and originality with his 7-track EP, “23rd & Delta”—a project that has garnered acclaim from fans and critics, catapulting him onto the international stage.

Well, the track “GYT (Grab Your Twin)” is a single off of this EP and one that has quickly evolved into a fan favorite, amassing significant streaming numbers and gaining heavy rotation across various platforms…and why shouldn’t it? This is one infectious and catchy masterpiece if you ask me.

Sometimes, the intro of a song can dictate the success of a track. That said, within the first 30 seconds, it’s evident that this track is a bona fide standout. The mellow buildup and subtle vocalizing before the beat becomes dense and the sweet-sounding vocals become livelier is a sound design done right.

Chris lusciously glides over the rhythm with his spotlight-stealing sing-song vocals, effortlessly transitioning between singing and rapping over a beat that seamlessly blends old-school and contemporary styles.

The lyrics are catchy, especially that memorable hook, and relate to celebrating special moments between people with a shared connection.

Like I said, “GYT” is the kind of jam to uplift moods on a lazy Monday. This is the type of jam that makes you feel good as you play it on a loop.

To add “GYT” to your playlist, follow the link below, and don’t hesitate to share it with friends or others who appreciate great music.


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