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Italian rock music maestro Byron’s Brigades shines once again with the stupendous cover, “Runaway”

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With its blistering guitar work, soaring vocal performance, and astounding sense of classic-rock-drenched flamboyance, “Runaway” is a passionately performed and creatively crafted piece by the equally incredible Italian rock music star, Byron’s Brigades, who has been turning heads with his classic covers. This is now the 5th single in the rock cover series he has been producing at “The Third Eye Music Studio. One thing is undeniable: this latest version is full of spirit and an abundance of heart!

Byron’s Brigades, a clearly talented storyteller and performer, has managed to craft a catchy rocker that remains stuck in one’s head—a sure sign of a remarkable track!

With the opening riff charmingly setting the tone for the song as it unfurls into a vibrant guitar-flavored melody, Byron’s Brigades complements the stupendous production with such a powerful lead vocal performance, his stunning vocals and incredibly diverse range reel listeners in.

Not only is he a strong vocalist, it’s clear that Byron’s Brigades is a keen guitar aficionado, and this most certainly shows. Whether it’s speed-infused melodic flourishes or wildly expressive string bends, this is some seriously tasty guitar playing, and it really helps inject the track with that extra bit of flair.

There are a number of well-placed guitar changes throughout that really help inject the arrangement with a welcome feeling of both unexpectedness and excitement, and whilst amplifications can sometimes be tricky to pull off effectively and successfully, they are handled very well indeed in “Runaway”, helping to further ensure that this is a listening experience that continues to intrigue throughout.

“Runaway” is a must-listen for any classic rock music aficionado, as Byron’s Brigades brings his own artistic input to a tried-and-tested successful piece of music!

Add “Runaway” to your playlist and follow Byron’s Brigades everywhere to be part of this memorable musical odyssey.


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