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International Canadian versatile star Buggie Bars is currently making waves with his latest inspirational masterpiece, “Shine.”

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When you take an adventurous tour around Buggie Bars’ discography, you are met with classical tunes branching out into contemporary genres with a somewhat focus on soul, R&B and rap. While this is his identity, Buggie is not one who is self-limited. He likes to explore different sounds and styles, and his love for different genres of music as well as his lifelong musical influences all contribute to the artist he is. With a specific interest in the quality of his lyrics, Buggie is one of the most conscious lyricists of our time. It is no fluke that his Spotify channel boasts well over 12K monthly listeners, with the tracks from his impressive catalog unanimously acclaimed.

Materializing in the striking foundation of vocals and eclectic flair, Buggie’s latest single “Shine” is a masterpiece in R&B and rap transcendence. Bars exemplary blends these two hypnotic sounds into one attractive bouquet that is a joy to receive!

I love the attention to detail right from the first note; the harmonious piano tunes are met with a deserved first-class lyrical flow in poetic rap fashion. The beats are integrated skillfully and act as the perfect bed of support for Buggie Bars’ performance.

Proving to be as effortless in rapping as he is in singing, Buggie reels a listener in with his sweet-talking, smooth, and incredible vocals; unleashing his magnificent vocal range over the immersive melodies and taking a listener to a paradise nearby. The unison of the elements within the track is entrancing in its seamless showcase.

Bar its indisputable enthralling features, “Shine” has got a deep hopeful message at its core- through the ear worming layers of rhythms and melodies supplemented by the sweet-sounding vocals is a powerful message to keep pushing and moving forward despite some challenges here and there because it’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up and there really is no shame in falling down but there is pride in getting back up.

This is raw talent blended with emotional storytelling and a memorable chorus to cap it off; “Shine” is now available for streaming on your favorite platforms—follow the attached link and add this masterpiece to your playlist!







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