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“Time 2 Fly” by Brett Daniels, the Title Track off His Latest Ep, Is a Total Banger That Is Memorable and Buoyant.

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Brett Daniels is a dynamic force, venturing into the world as a unique and original artist. He has been making a name for himself with his rock ‘n roll panache, captivating both large and small audiences, all on his own terms. Much of his on-stage appeal comes from his autobiographical tales and universal themes of love, longing, and learning to be true to yourself that enchant and inspire everyone who hears them. Engaging his audience with his immensely expressive vocals and instrumental virtuosity, Brett’s voice, coupled with his irrepressible energy and poignant lyrics, has captivated audiences in America and beyond.

With “Time 2 Fly,” the title track from his new EP,  he keeps the retro vibe of rock ‘n roll alive and still manages to infuse it with that modern-day twist. For that broad appeal, he infuses the tune with elements of college rock and a touch of surf, complemented by shredded guitar harmonies and self-assured lead vocals.

This is some seriously tasty and stellar guitar playing complemented by terrific lyrics, excellent flow, and imagery true to the spirit of the genre.

“Time 2 Fly” is quite simply one of those songs that translate well to the stage and is guaranteed to bring the house down.

This is a sonically intriguing tune that blends flamboyant performances with a tone of personality, resulting in a track that has a definite sense of swagger that listeners will find both refreshing and quite simply fun.

I love the rock ‘snarl’ in Brett’s vocals and how they not only possess the necessary character needed to really reel the listener in, but the sheer level of control is mesmerizing. He really nails that classic rock sense of attitude, and his vocal range is incredibly diverse!

Fans of pure, unadulterated rock will have something to savor in this unbridled performance that is a goldmine of absolute rock ‘n roll!

Experience this track, boasting over 34K Spotify streams. Add it to your library via the link below and share it with friends.

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  1. Brett’s music is enlightening, inspiring and easy to listen to. He is incredibly talented.

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