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Promising Nigerian Star Artist Boydripcy Is Set To Make His Mark With the Release of His Eagerly Anticipated Debut Track, “Cross,” Which Will Be Released Under Elviston Music Worldwide.

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With a nurtured love for music that has blossomed ever since he was 7, Lagos, Nigeria-based star Boydripcy is about to hit the headlines and be celebrated for his innovative sound, profound vocals, and songwriting prowess. Today, he embarks on a new journey, stepping into his own spotlight with the backing of his record label, Elviston Music Worldwide, promising to create dynamic and refreshing soundscapes with timeless value. His songs are not just meant to be heard; they are meant to be felt, lived, and experienced. In a world that often feels routine and predictable, Boydripcy is a refreshing voice of spontaneity and adventure as he seamlessly blends Afrobeat with soulful R&B and contemporary pop sounds for an excitingly unique musical experience.

In a world where music often feels mass-produced, Boydripcy’s eagerly anticipated single “Cross” serves as a reminder of individuality and the magic that happens when passion meets creativity.

“Cross” is essentially about carrying your own cross because no one else will, and life’s outcomes are determined by the choices we make. According to Boydripcy, “No one will carry your cross for you. Only you determine your outcomes in life.”

With a catchy, infectious, and memorable chorus over a gentle breeze of melody and rhythm, Boydripcy lays the foundation, immediately grabbing the listener’s attention.

As the song progresses, the enchanting melodies gain sweetness and allure with the striking saxophone, enhancing the song’s emotional weight and adding to its color and depth. The end result is a musical gem that sparks with a quiet brilliance, inviting you to lose yourself in its graceful allure.

Boydripcy delves into his story of growing up in a poor setting and how this motivated him to want to do better in order to change his fortunes as well as his family’s. The raw and honest lyrics allow listeners to gravitate more towards the track as they find their own personal connection with his sincere words.

The accompanying music video is symbolic and perfectly encapsulates the thematic essence of the track, vividly capturing the experiences of growing up in poverty and toiling every day to put food on the table.

“Cross” is more than just an enchanting and infectious song; it’s an experience, a moment of pure, unadulterated beauty that lingers long after the music fades. It is also a self-empowering anthem and a must-have for anyone who appreciates the power of music to evoke feelings and tell relatable stories.

Follow Boydripcy on Instagram (@boydripcy), subscribe to his YouTube channel, and keep an eye on him because he is the real deal about to blow!


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