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Hip Hop Artist and Songwriter Boaty Blanco Makes You Feel “Haunted” with That Collaborative Tour de Force Featuring Callie.

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Boaty Blanco counts as one of my proudest musical discoveries of the year 2022. He is not just a rapper; he is an artist tugging at listeners’ heartstrings with such heartfelt storytelling. He takes cues from his personal experiences and transforms them into melodies that hit closer to home each and every time. And you have to admire his consistency, backed by his relentless dedication to his craft. Each time, he comes harder with music that oozes charisma, and raw talent and deserves critical acclaim. It is the way he weaves his own personal tales that makes his music emotionally resonant and easy to connect with. Borrowing from his battles with mental health, drug addiction, and heartbreak, he creates music that makes the listener feel less alone in their feelings.

“Haunted” is a captivating performance; Blanco truly gave his heart and soul, even though he admits that this is what he was feeling after going through a tumultuous relationship that left him with inconsolable heartbreak feelings and grappling with mental health issues, and that’s all in the past now, this music truly resonates. In some way, you feel understood through his pain, sadness, and mental anguish, and that right there is the power of music. In a nutshell, someone’s pain can be a source of solace for the other person.

I love the nimble, masterful flows as he provokes thoughts with his vivid and visual poetry, maintaining such a strong presence over the warm, blissful production that features some charming guitar tones and a decent hip-hop beat that has not been overdone, providing an excellent backdrop to attractively complement Blanco’s scene-stealing flows!

The female guest vocalist Callie adds to the depth, variety, and dimension of the song with her hauntingly beautiful vocals, breathing life into that memorable hook at the song’s heart.

The lyrics, “I still remember when you said forever, and now you are forever my enemy” are still stuck with me even as I write this. They really hit me strongly, you know…they resonate in so many situations.
Moreover, the cemetery setting where the music video was shot perfectly aligns with the track’s title and narrative.

To enjoy this sublime piece of art, follow the link below, make sure you subscribe to Blanco’s YouTube channel, like this music video, and add this track to your catalog.


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