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Rapidly rising entertainer and progressive artist BITNW has a new masterpiece out, “Bad Good,” featuring GhostStitch

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Black Is The New White’s (BITNW)’s natural musicality combines with his love and insatiable passion for the craft to create melodies and lyrics that echo the triumphs and tragedies that people face every day. With his unique lyrical and melodic rap songwriting, he is well-positioned to make a significant impact on the US music industry and beyond. His debut evocative project, “Emohell,” was the perfect example of how BITNW tends to delve deeper into his lyrics than most artists.

BITNW is strongly motivated to create impactful compositions that are designed to resonate emotionally with listeners. It was while at the summit of his creative expression that he came up with his new bona fide smash hit, “Bad Good,” featuring his longtime friend and artist GhostStitch, who is also signed to his independent label BITNW MUSIC.

“Bad Good” is quite upbeat and catchy following that ecstatic amalgamation of the deep, bouncing beats and BITNW’s melodious vocals as he breathes life into the lyrical narrative of this track with his signature sing-song technique and goes on to give this tune that addictive thrill.

This is the kind of track that casually replays over your head even when you are not listening to it. Deploying a hearty dose of visual metaphors with his lyricism that is geared towards spirituality, this performance right here is thought-provoking and full of spiritual musings.

The track is actually based on a guy who is fed up with always being the good guy and being taken advantage of. As the architect of his own life, he wants to determine his path, acknowledging that there can always be elements of good in the bad and vice versa.

The guest artist GhostStitch supports the track’s theme and essence impeccably with his own bright cameo that highlights his vocal strengths as well as his incredible songwriting.

“Bad Good” is the first of many joint projects by BITNW and GhostStitch as they seek to blend their musical ideas and come harder with tracks that ooze charisma, raw talent, and deserved acclaim.

To experience this captivating soundscape that stimulates thought, follow the attached link and consider adding this track to your music library.



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