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Let Your Senses Be Enthralled As American Producer Based In London, Hip-Hop Connoisseur Big O, Unleashes His Magnum Opus, “Floating On A Cloud”.

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Big O’s creative outlet spans a number of disciplines; he is a record producer, recording, and mixing engineer, as well as a renowned DJ based out of London, UK, but originally from the USA. Through his ingenious productions, Big O seems to indicate to the world that his view of a life well-traveled is something everyone can buy into. This production savant is commonly known for his ability to be diverse on any beat or instrumental, making each song unique in its own way.

He is a multifaceted producer who has constantly been pushing the boundaries and breaking new ground in the world of music production. To date, he is revered not only for his tasteful music, which has garnered him over 57K Spotify monthly listeners but also for his insatiable passion for creating music that exceeds expectations and ultimately helps propel the entire music production industry forward.

Big O returns with another smooth, soulful, catchy, hypnotic, and ambiently raw masterpiece dubbed “Floating on a cloud” that immediately grabs its listener and transports them to another space!

Talk about the delicate piano keys, the swirling synths, the captivating organs, and the intricate percussion, all following a competently arranged melodic pattern that is memorable and emotive, born of meticulous attention to detail and such artistic prowess.

This is such an intrinsic sound that captivates beyond just the five senses; it hits you right in the feels and leaves you reflecting on it long after the final notes have disappeared…and that’s you realize the sheer brilliance of what you’ve just experienced.

Big O is truly and a veritable powerhouse of talent, and “Floating on a cloud” is a goldmine of complete cinematic and ambient music.

This is the kind of music that is less heard and more felt! An experience worth remembering and one that not enough words could quantify…hard to explain, but easy to listen to!

There is so much more from Big O, who is at the pinnacle of his creativity as he continues doing what he does best and making a unique global impact with his talents that go beyond just music.

For now, follow the link below and let the enchanting melodies and rhythm of “Floating on a cloud” sink in!


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