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Three-Time Award-Winning Artist Sky Whatley’s “Auntie Love” Is an Infectious Groove with Instant Appeal.

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Sky Whatley possesses unrivaled brilliance in shattering genre barriers with his rich and appetizing sound that draws from the core of soul and R&B soundscapes. With his original music, he is proving to be a true artist and is carving his space in the music world, establishing a solid legacy that will ensure his music is remembered for years to come. He always brings a unique perspective to his compositions through a tantalizing blend of southern soul and rhythm and blues, flanked by his passion for creating works that evoke emotions and connect with people on a personal level. His ultimate goal is to create music that speaks to the heart and brings people together.

Whatley, alongside Big Gipp, a pioneer from OutKast Dungeon Family, known for his hit “Grillz” with Nelly, has generated a buzz with “Auntie Love,” celebrating the strength and resilience of women.

Right from the get-go, this track is ear candy that leaves listeners craving more. The music has been executed skillfully; the beat is smooth, expressive, and classic-fueled with funky sensibilities to inspire you to dance.

The lyrics are memorable and easily quotable, making for an engaging and sing-along anthem. On the mic, Whatley delivers with his rich vocals, exhibiting a powerful old-school soul vocal range and maintaining a confident and charismatic tone throughout.

You can feel the passion and love for the craft through his performance and the way he invites you to sing along, especially with that infectious chorus.

The visually striking music video is another outstanding highlight of this jam and the ideal complement to the song. So far, it has garnered over 15,000 YouTube views and is still counting.

“Auntie Love” is now an international sensation that you deserve as part of your daily playlist. Check out the link below to stream it and add it to your library. Highly recommended for music enthusiasts.


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