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Musical duo Augustwolf’s latest album, “Visual Music” is evocative and unforgettable

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Made up of multi-instrumentalists, composers, and producers Douglas Wolf Reid from the US and Oleh Andrievsky from Ukraine, Augustwolf, a musical duo formed online, aims to create sounds that defy categorization, navigating the realms of ambitious instrumental music. Augustwolf is determined to break barriers and redefine entertainment through their music and art, whose repertoire defies expectations and inspires others to pursue infinite possibilities.

Augustwolf’s recently released 11-track masterpiece, “Visual Music,” is making waves despite being delayed due to the unexpected Russian invasion of Ukraine, which posed difficulties for Oleh. The fact that the album is out now is a huge testament to the duo’s hard work, resilience, and unmatched dedication to their craft.

The opening track, “Pursuit,” is a stunning showcase of instrumental music. Its vibrant feel and spark immediately captivate the listener, whisking them away to a blissful place that words can barely describe.


“The Sorcerer’s Audition” is a masterpiece befitting a blockbuster film. The track sets off from that mellifluous intro before the organized instrumentals with the melodic edge of rock thrive and provoke thoughts and imagery from within the listener.

“Jimmy Jam” shrewdly evades categorization with its eclectic foundation, flirting with country and rock influences emanating from that consistent rhythmic element that gives it that refreshing and addictive feel.

“Ukraine Peace and War” is another special piece that features a lovely arrangement and punctilious craft to exude the kind of emotion guaranteed that perfectly fits the track’s essence and narrative. The track emphasizes the harsh reality that there are no winners in war, only losers, and underscores the need for a lasting peaceful resolution.

This track also has a supplementary music video out on YouTube that you should definitely check out.

Overall, “Visual Music” is an entrancing exploration of emotion and sound. It stunningly reflects Augustwolf’s artistic ability to weave a complex tapestry of musical styles and genres into an innovative, accessible, and unforgettable collection.

To experience this stunning innovation, follow the attached link and savor this masterclass from the top to the bottom!


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