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Rapidly Ascending South Korean Artist AltoDZI (Formerly Known as Alto) Returns with an Imposing Single Dubbed “Wide Awake”

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There is nothing quite like discovering a new artist and realizing that they are actually good at what they do; that is the same kind of inexplicable feeling I got when I first interacted with AltoDZI’s music. By then, he was going by the moniker Alto. He is back again and ready to gain that momentum and establish himself as something more than just an up-comer. His style is inspired by a wide spectrum of sounds and styles. He prefers to be a bit experimental, sinking his teeth into a variety of sounds while establishing his Korean mark.

His new single, “Wide Awake” is his debut as AltoDZI. It’s a track that, for me, feels like medicine for anyone grappling with heartbreak. The lyrics here are like therapy and carry the honesty and reality of emo.

The mellow piano sets the tone as AltoDZI’s slightly audible vocals echo in the background, as they intensify, the dense hip-hop beat emerges, exuding an irresistible modern allure, providing a captivating backdrop that delightfully complements AltoDZI’s R&B-styled distinct vocals.

The unforgettable chorus lays the foundation, repeated three times. By the time he’s singing it for the third time, you’ll be singing along with him. It works like magic!

Transitioning into the second verse, AltoDZI wears his rap shoes and showcases such lyrical finesse with his heartfelt verses, smoothly gliding over the rhythm and amplifying the song’s emotional resonance with honest and deep lyrics.

The chorus comes back like it never left, this time repeated four times as the song veers towards its climax, leaving you gratified but still in need of more of that soul-stirring dose. This can only be remedied by pressing the loop button.

A track of extensive appeal and genuine warmth, “Wide Awake” is the anthem for anyone whose hearts are hurting and they are grappling with their own personal turmoil and need something to escape into.

“Wide Awake” is the track you need in your favorite playlist right now!


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