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ALEXX Is Once Again the Darling of Music Fans Following the Release of His New, Retro Pop-Inspired Track “Vulnerable” Featuring Bri Biase.

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Music is much more than a hobby for ALEXX; it has been his lifeblood for the longest time. Although major placements are still on the horizon, his relentless drive and ever-growing catalog suggest it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a household name. In a world dominated by major labels and mainstream sounds, his music stands out as a beacon of authenticity. Unfettered by industry norms and armed with a deep understanding of rhythm, melody, and harmony, ALEXX creates tracks that are as innovative as they are infectious, exploring uncharted territories, blending genres, and experimenting with sounds to create something truly unique and accessible.

His latest track, “Vulnerable,” came at the perfect time. It feels like ALEXX was sent here to rescue us with this super cool, enchanting, and immersive music. With a foundation in 80s retro pop filtered through a contemporary lens, “Vulnerable” captivates beyond the sixth sense.

A touchingly beautiful, floaty, and delicate intro grabs the listener from the start, warming their heart before the synth-peppered pop beats provide a backdrop for ALEXX’s distinctive singing, allowing him to paint vivid pictures with his catchy lyrics. Singing beautifully over this captivating pop-flavored beat, ALEXX’s lyrics reflect a sensual and romantic connection between two people who render each other powerless when together. The indelible chorus lingers in the mind long after the final notes fade, further highlighting its appeal.

Playing her part with artistic finesse, rapper Bri Biase boosts the track’s appeal with her excellent cadence, punchy bars, and explicit lyrics, providing a female perspective and capturing a brilliantly differing viewpoint to the protagonist’s claim of dominance.

The accompanying music video is a visual treat; its striking scenes exemplify first-class quality. It is the perfect complement to this masterpiece. It deserves all the love from music fans who enjoy music videos that unfold like mini-films.

“Vulnerable” is now streaming on all popular platforms, awaiting your approval. Follow ALEXX everywhere and check out his official website,, to learn more about him.


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