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Food for Thought: SMG Digital Presents Young Swain “Victimization” Featuring Avery Shanks

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Young Swain Victimization

Hailing from the streets of Duval Jacksonville, Florida Young Swain expresses his pain, truths, triumphs, and everyday life experiences through music, poetry, and vocal outlets. He writes poetry inside his music and poetry outside of music. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, he is a seeker at once a dominion of his own history and an interpreter of philosophies surrounding the unknown. And in understanding that life is a series of quests, he has used both the written and spoken word as navigational tools, whether folkloric or historical, lyrical or poetic. As such his own work as a healer, musician, producer, engineer, and writer are maps marked with love, loss, truths, redemption, trials, and tribulations. This is the ultimate mark of an accomplished maestro in the game boasting over 20 years of experience in tackling real-life issues as no one else can. Sit back listen and learn for what you are about to experience will change the view of your world in ways that words simply cannot qualify to describe. Teaming up with soulful sensation Avery Shanks, this is “Victimization” a track with impassioned blood-lettings full of frankness and so much truth that listeners will meditate about heavily.

The meek percussion made of climactic moments with the exceptional skill and handling of the winding piano takes a listener to another realm right before Young Swain jumps in guiding his lyrical prowess towards a steady and firm supply of poetic eruptions that have absolute power and naked truth calibrations. “…I’m just as good as these others out here because I choose to walk a fine line and get paid less, they’re looking me like I’m paid less but if you took a walk in my shoes then you’ll see it ain’t the shoes that’ll make you complete, you can take it from me or otherwise you can live and see but I’m the type that tries to save you the grief…” are some of the writings on the wall delivered in his dynamisms to capture the essence and theme of his message.

The chorus is delivered in glorious fashion by Avery Shanks who has the voice for days, such virtuosic delivery of the resonating lyrics, “The time keeps on passing, right before my eyes but I don’t wanna be a victim no more, I need control of my life, life, my life”. The climatic delivery from 3:58 is one of the most emotional poetic outpourings you will be treated to as Young Swain prepares you for the moment of truth and what you decide to do with all that information is entirely up to you. “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul, I am Invictus” puts the last nail to the coffin. More Powerful tracks have never been sung and it would be a wise thing to take the next step and check out his poetic discography as you get the chance to stream the whole of the album “Invictus” which is full of a legacy of truth, power, order, discipline, emotional honesty and real-life untamed. This is your chance to join the winning side and watch as your life takes an interesting and powerful turn for the better.

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