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“You Got Gold” by colin o’brien

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Always looking to inspire and uplift his listener with positive, self-empowering themes that remind them to be a little more grateful, budding artist Colin O’Brien’s “You Got Gold” does not fall far from his motivational root. This is a heartfelt masterpiece to help you look closely in order to see that precious good inside you.

This is a profoundly touching tune to enable you focus on the positives as opposed to the negatives, depressing things perhaps happening in your life. The skilfully strummed guitar sets a mellow tone, providing the perfect backdrop for Colin’s soulful vocals. Allowing it to build, more depth is added when the drums are integrated, merged with the chorus as he reels you in with his insightful lyrics that wrap around you like a warm embrace. In a nutshell, “You Got Gold” is a soulful, catchy, infectious, mellow and thoughtful masterpiece that anyone could do with.

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