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The Official Music Video for YM KBG’s Single “Pressure” Featuring Charli Is a Masterpiece in Visual Transcendence!

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YM KBG Pressure

YM KBG has always possessed a discerning ear for arrangement and structure which ensures that his tracks hit you musically and envelop your interest from the first note to the end. This authentic star who hails from Paterson in New Jersey started out his career by performing at talent shows and local events, however, a cataclysmic disaster involving gun violence occurred that almost took his life (he even lives with a bullet inside him!) Following some health complications, he had to take a break and focus on healing and now he is back and under the management of Grammy-nominated legend K-Mack’s 1801 records.

All hands on deck, YM KBG displays his ambidexterity in the summer anthem, “Pressure”- a straight hit and certified masterpiece that flaunts its timeless features as much as its entertaining ones. By clicking play, you step into this anthemic world designed by YM KBG as he, without breaking a sweat makes an anthem off of the lyrics and gets you singing along and dancing to the beats like no one’s watching!

His delivery is beyond compare- you can tell he knows and enjoys his craft with his intriguing sing-song technology and the way he smokes those bars like a professional chef! Moonwalking over the synthetic and bouncy instrumentation that is backed by an alluring spark, YM KBG’s lyricism utilizes equal parts raw club themes and explicit complementary of beautiful ladies alongside broader strokes of relatable contemplation in order to connect for authenticity and escapism alike!

Emerging top female act Charli makes a grand entrance and delivers a show-stopping rap performance with her assertive and intense bars that are in perfect sync with the theme of this boastful banger!

The official music video is out and it is a high-project stunner with the proficiently blended visual images making for an eye-catching film that you would watch all day long without getting bored! It is no surprise that it has so far managed to amass over 47 K views on YouTube within such a short period!



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