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Inimitable Edm Music Champion Yashar Set to Astonish Yet Again with the Release of His Latest Banger, “Lost” on the 19th of August 2022

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Yashar Lost

YASHAR is the name on everyone’s lips at the moment as this matchless Kiwi artist and EDM music producer who is residing in New Zealand takes center stage with his dynamic and fulfilling sound that is fueled by his enthusiasms about cars combined with an insatiable passion for both future house music and technology. His certified productions evoke atmospheric experience for global dance music fans and he indeed has been building up a loyal fan base that is continually growing in number due to the sheer level of invention and innovation his style possesses. After making an indelible mark with his near universal track, “Expectations”, YASHAR is set to build on that momentum with another release titled, “Lost” scheduled for official release on the 19th of August 2022.

This inspired release will bring the EDM industry to a standstill with its production eclipsing genius-level- an indescribably stunning body of work that is beyond words! “Lost” is really no different from what you get from legendary producers like Kygo or what you were treated to in the blissful days of Swedish House Mafia- in fact its authenticity is beguiling and captures your attention from the very first moment!

Inspired by the polyrhythms of an electronically infused dance track and the dynamics of deep future house and techno-like flavor, this signature track will be the soundtrack for the summer and fall. Intriguingly building up where the entrancing female vocals breathe life into the narrative before some flamboyant synths are added in the mix with the sound finally climaxing to a dazzling house rhythm and melody, “Lost” will have you on your feet dancing like no one’s watching!~

The vocals slink with passion and faultlessly curate a hypnotic and deeply addictive anthem that rests at the threshold of genuine artistry with the sad state of lyrics contrasting glowingly with the danceable spark of the beats. If you are feeling a little lost after you gave all your heart and thought something special was to come out of it only to be disappointed, worry not; wear your big pants and let this track be your therapy!

We honestly cannot keep calm and 19th of August is already marked on my calendar. Follow YASHAR on the attached Instagram handle and don’t let him slip off your radar even for a second!


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