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Houston-based sister duo Wild Fire is back with a new fan favorite dubbed “The Other Way Around”

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Wild Fire’s wide-eyed pop rock is written and delivered with pure honesty. In recent years, this sister duo that was formed in 2016 by sisters Kelli and Kayla has come to bare all of themselves in their music, transforming real-life experiences into music with near universal appeal. They are as real and rare as it gets, and each song the duo shares seems to demonstrate an ever-deepening understanding of the complex emotions of romantic entanglements and the struggles, especially for teens, to find themselves in relationships.

Wild Fire’s viral breakout almost feels like destiny, and now they have been defying all odds to become a fast rising sensation in the music industry. The duo is back with yet another authentic crowd pleaser dubbed “The Other Way Around,” which is now streaming on all the popular platforms.

This breathtaking song has already won the hearts of thousands of fans and music lovers across the globe in such a short span of time. Wild Fire proves to be a pop rock household name with that effortless delivery and inimitable demonstration of such impeccable vocal dexterity and notes that constantly melt the hearts of its listeners.

The song starts with a blissful guitar melody efficiently backed by that raw and breathtakingly beautiful voice as one half of the duo packs an appropriate punch with her gracious, crystal-clear performance, leading to the sentimental pre-chorus where the mellifluent drum adds a dash of vibrancy to the arrangement.

The song then finally reaches a crescendo during the chorus with the singer’s voice, which is extremely powerful and expressive, drawing a listener in and ensuring that they feel the raw emotions that inspired this song.

The second verse adopts the same familiar setting as the first, skillfully building and increasing in volume with the chorus featuring such a lively and vibrant intonation and the singer’s heavenly voice being authoritative and golden as usual.

The song then adopts that lively feel in the bridge leading to the chorus before reaching its climax and leaving the listener wishing for more. The beauty of music is that you can always dictate how many times you want to listen to a particular song with the loop and repeat buttons at your disposal!

“The Other Way Around” is a beautiful song that was inspired by personal experiences and emotions and the feelings of anger, disgust, and betrayal from a seeming toxic relationship where the other person was just playing around with your feelings and had no real intentions of loving you the way you probably deserved.

There are mixed feelings of resentment and regret at how you could have read the signs early enough in the relationship to avoid this humiliation and heartbreak. But through it all, you are hopeful that time will vindicate you and finally expose the other person for who they truly are and not what they have been pretending to be.

Both Kelli and Kayla have such an impressive vocal range, and they know how to use it to convey just the appropriate feeling that everyone who listens to them is left blown away by their tremendous vocal prowess and mastery.

Vocally, “The Other Way Around” has all the fire and vocal dexterity fans have come to expect from Wild Fire’s powerful angelic runs. This song intriguingly builds when it reaches the chorus, and despite its melancholic subject matter, this track is actually full of inspiration.

Follow the attached link to stream and save this song to your music library. Make sure you also share it with friends and everyone you know who appreciates honest and authentic composition!


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