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Houston Based Pop Rock Duo Wild Fire Deliver a Memorable Stunner in the Latest Release Titled, “Don’t Mess With Exes”

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Wild Fire is that unbreakable duo made up of sisters Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig from Houston, Texas. This duo was formed in 2016 and ever since, it has been moving up the ladder on the staircase to success; awe-inspiring and equally surprising the musical world at such limitless capabilities that the duo has always displayed as it comes each time harder with tracks that ooze class, charisma and deserved acclaim. This duo has a way it faultlessly transforms emotions, moods, and experiences into universally appealing melodies with firm roots in pop rock and subtle nuances of other genres such as country for a very eclectic and extensive style that has come to be appreciated by a global audience.

Fans have been quick to shower the duo with massive love based on the millions of streams Wild Fire’s tunes have been receiving on all the popular digital platforms. Taking from where it left, the duo is back again and this time with an incomparable performance in the single, “Don’t Mess With Exes”- an indisputable radio staple from top to bottom!

A buoyant and explosive anthem, this is a huge testament to the star quality this duo brings to the grit of the music game. This is a luminously authentic slice of spicy pop rock incandescence that makes you want to get up and dance like no one’s watching in a state of music-inspired ecstasy!

The vocal performance is beyond words and compares as the duo showcase such indestructible chemistry between them that is admirable. The energetic quality of this tune is made possible by the wondrously engaging performances that embellish the track from head to toe. From the delightful electric guitars down to the flavorful keyboard and atmospheric drums and backed by the highly expressive vocality with an infectious chorus that rests at the touchstone of the track’s gist!

This is such virtuosic songwriting adroitness in play with each and every element of the track working in perfect harmony with one another to create a piece of music that accomplishes its mission with flying colors.

Whatever you do, please let exes remain exes lest you want to experience another massive heartbreak just like the last one!

To enjoy this track in its entirety; follow the attached link, stream, and save it as a favorite for those repeated listening experiences!


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