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Experience the Magic in the Air as West Coast Culture Is Set to Release the Much Anticipated Single “Feel Your Love”

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West Coast Culture Feel Your Love

When it comes to scouting the right talent none does it better than West Coast Culture and this time your whole world of pop music encounter is about to change for the better; “Feel Your Love” is a perfectly matched pop-inspired styling with its fantastically crisp sounding and refreshingly smooth tune that flaunts its theme of appreciation for that type of undying love that is felt for a really special type of person. This is the song to set that romantic dinner and watch as your partner gets uncontrollably emotional to the heart-touching lyricism on display.

It is the song to appreciate a loved one and let them know that you don’t take them for granted. The velvety vocals have gone to Justin Bieber’s school of vocality and graduated with distinctively high affinity and they bask in the limelight of the gentle acoustic guitars that inject that kind of melodic allure to design what is an entrancing piece of music that is endlessly listenable.

The laid-back melodicism adopted and the way the vocals, the lead guitar, and the wildly expressive keys engage in a way that feels like the vocals are in a subtle way following in the footprints laid out by the guitars will help keep a listener firmly on their toes. The sheer level of musicianship on display is truly captivating, inspiring, and a pleasure to experience.

“I wanna feel you loving, I wanna feel your love tonight” make up the rhythmically, harmonically and melodically catchy chorus. This is for everyone who has been at your side every moment, for that one special person who gave you something to believe in, and that one in a million whom you feel alive every time you are with them. There is a certain allure and sophistication to the lyrics that beg for repeated listening in order to really pick up on the romanticized subtle details that are engraved into the song throughout. This track has an undeniable charm and repeated listening is a breeze. This track is set to be released officially on 1/18/21 and because we have VIP access, we felt it wise to share it with our readers the exclusive first-hand feel of this track before it has been officially released. You may thank us later for this is a cultural treat that even Young Metro approves of.

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