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Explore the profound relationship between music, family, and art in Ty Bru’s track “LEGACY.”

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He is an artist who exudes a sense of purpose and determination in everything he does and has demonstrated time and time again that everything he touches turns to gold. His entry into filmmaking and photography was marked with widespread embrace and critical acclaim as he went on to win numerous awards; for example, his hybrid film “A Night in Charlotte With Sweeney Ty” was shown at the world-famous TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, which was such a feat for him and has been followed by other commendable ones that he could never have thought possible when starting out.

The track “LEGACY” is an ode to his music, which he does for the culture, as are his family, friends, and fans. Each verse and thought-inspiring flow is like a brushstroke, painting an intricate portrait of his reality.

This track’s lyrical dexterity is a demonstration of Ty Bru’s command over language as he employs his storytelling knack to articulate his emotions and thoughts with eloquence and depth.

The smooth and effortless delivery showcases his ability to craft vivid imagery, immersing listeners in his world. As he delves deep into his psyche, Ty bares his soul, giving a listener a VIP lyrical treatment, perfecting the sound with those infectious hooks at every turn.

This song has a nostalgic production that fits in perfectly with his mature performance, and accompanying the music is that high-end music video that was filmed in Asheboro, NC, in one of Ty’s many art forms last year at the Randolph Arts Guild and really fits in to the track’s essence and narrative.

This is a music video that supports the message, and it has been selected as part of the 50 Years Of Culture Hip Hop Film Festival in Harlem, NYC in August. A win here would serve to further elevate Ty Bru into international acclaim.

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