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North Carolinian Independent Musical Mogul Ty Bru’s “A Night in Charlotte With Sweeney Ty” Is Simply the Ultimate Distillation of Impeccable Theatrical Artistry!

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Launch yourself and discover the magical work of one independent North Carolina-based star, Ty Bru, who epitomizes innovative musical excellence from head to toe. His passion for music started when he was just a toddler, and it was not until 2007 that he decided to put his foot into it after being fascinated with the fusion of music and plays in the 2007 musical fictional film “Sweeney Todd.” Up until this point, he was not much into musical plays, but something about this film changed his perception and indeed inspired his style of music, which has seen him demand the airwaves for the larger part of the last decade and a half that he has been in the mainstream.

Ty exudes that kind of stellar stage presence, and once he grabs the mic with his hands, thoughts just flow ceaselessly from his mind, and he is not shy of unpacking them like the wordsmith he is! It is therefore little surprise that he has made such an impact on the hip hop front as an independent star, going on to break records and receive unanimous recognition from key industry players as well as the new comers!

While wearing his fictional armor as Sweeney Todd from the 2007 film and mashing that up with a more relatable persona; him (Ty Bru), “A Night in Charlotte with Sweeney Ty” is a musical live performance that was filmed in Charlotte, NC; believe it or not, back in 2016 and cuts across the theatrics of cinematography and the reality of stage performance with real lyrics delivered in rap fashion.

This is such a coalition of two enthralling worlds that is just ineffably beautiful to experience; tell you what, these are the shortest 17minutes I have ever experienced, just as I was set to adjust my recliner and fully indulge into the experience, just 2 minutes were remaining!; it is actually so easy to get lost in this near perfect performance that you easily lose track of time!

I admire the charisma, flamboyance, and theatrical acts that blend so effortlessly with that authentic lyrical flow that is as compelling as it is original. Ty and his guest performers and band faultlessly cruise through the 6 track concept album with the live sounds hit with such panache and the plays performed innovatively to have your attention from start to finish.

This performance deserves so much recognition, which is why I’m rallying for it, because there is just so much thrill, fascination, and sophistication involved throughout the performances.

Special mentions go, of course, to the other performers, including Shadow, Red Jesse, Kaitlyn, Ghost Unknown & Stitchy C, as well as the professional videographers Odell Payne, Chandler Solomon & Ty Brueilly who filmed this live performance.

To indulge fully in this formidable and first-class performance, follow the attached YouTube video and let us know how you feel about it!





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