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New Music Written & Produced by Turtle Feat. The Galaxy Council “My Moon” Is Set to Appear in an Upcoming Featured Film.

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It’s crazy just how a song can bring you back to a certain time in your life; “My Moon” is a sliced-up magical and nostalgic tune that takes you way back as you reminisce in those good old memories- the pristine production in this masterpiece maintains the core hip hop sound of the 90s with its 80s-flavored synth wave seamlessly marries with the nostalgic hip hop melodies for an attractively arranged bouquet of synth rap that is a joy to receive and which you just don’t want to stop!

And how did we get here, one might ask? Well, for those who have been keeping up with our reviews, you are now familiar with the work of one ingenious producer and songwriter from Canada who goes professionally as Turtle. To jog your memory, he is the artist who brought us the critically acclaimed “Summer of 96” before going haywire with Galaxy Hero & Galactic Queen featuring The Galaxy Council.

Striking the same place twice and causing equally marvelous damage, “My Moon” has been on heavy rotation left, right, and center. This is no fluke because you just don’t experience this kind of artistry every other Tuesday.

Innate drive and raw talent combine to engineer a timeless masterpiece, and to anyone who grew up during the golden age era, “My Moon” takes you back with that impressive blend of its old school hip hop and retro synthwaves to fashion what can only be described as ‘otherworldly vintage’.

“My Moon” is just an experience by itself; you live through it like a concert or event as the melodies take you back and forth between time and memory and the beats reach the core of emotional satisfaction.

With so much expected of this banger, including being featured in an upcoming film, it is safe to say its impact has been above and beyond!

Follow the attached link to get the experience of a lifetime! While you are at it, follow Turtle on Instagram and for more updates.






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