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New Jersey Hip-Hop Whizz Trillz Beatz Wants You to Not Only Listen but Feel His New Album, “Writing & Braille” in Order to Understand It!

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Trillz Beatz Writing & Braille

Trillz Betaz is a top-level lyrist, songwriter and producer who hail from Bridgeton, New Jersey. This versatile independent artist has spent half his life in the justice system and he now wants to make an impact on the same front using his musical gifts. He thus allows his style to transform sensitive issues affecting communities into melodies with universal appeal. He sings about what others are thinking but are afraid to talk about. He is swiftly building something reputable and is grabbing the attention of music fans and industry heads alike- one song at a time.

Taking center stage, he has a very powerful, intricate and emotionally relatable collection dubbed, “Writing & Braille”- a 7-track compilation with an appropriate title; for you to understand the message each track carries, you not only listen deeply but also feel the tracks from your heart- same way a blind person feels the patterns of the letters in a Braille!

“SKRILLA REMIX EVOLVED” gets us going and everything about this track is just explicit- fusing the drill-inspired heavy beats, Beatz delivers a spectacular rap performance reminiscent of drill king; the late Pop Smoke’s as he makes a grand landing with his flows, pulling no punches in his lyrical performance!

“My Conscience” comes from a very emotional and personal point of view with his thought-provoking wordplay fitting in perfectly with the luxurious instrumentation that feature some shimmery bass blended with vivacious drums and some hypnotic synths for a very detailed body of work. The haunting percussive detail that accompanies this track is very intriguing and conspicuous making this track stand out.

“Unreleased Pressure” features some emphatic bass lines with the track flavored in a taut underground groove that is complemented by a novel aura as far as modern rap is concerned with the theme-driven home by a very show-stopping rap performance.

“New Keys” is fascinatingly abundant both in melodicism and lyricism, adopting various elements that allow a listener to keep guessing and be heavily invested as Beatz easily makes a banger off of the lyrics in what is a matchless lyrical performance.

There is so much to arouse your interest from this collection as Trillz Beatz went out of his way to ensure you have a listening experience you will never forget that will make you believe in authentic rap music again!

“Writing & Braille” is now available for streaming from your favorite streaming platforms; follow the attached link so as to stream, and add your favorite jams from this collection as favorites under your playlist!


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