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Brooklyn-Based Musical Collective Tribe of Djembe Is Back With a Deeply Elevating and Moving Tune, “Soul Sister”

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Tribe of Djembe Soul Sister

To create magic in the world, you absolutely have to own the magic within yourself and that is exactly what the Tribe of Djembe has been doing. This band from Brooklyn New York brings within listening distance the untold stories of all those people the world has chosen to ignore for whatever reason. Here, the people’s history and connections from way back are given light to shine and it does not matter where the scattered pieces are, you better believe they dig deep and explore further into the ends of the world to ensure all of the missing pieces are brought back together- and isn’t that amazing?

Continuing with their mission of elevating spirits and uplifting the souls of people from all over the universe, they continue to astonish the world with their ability to celebrate cultural diversity and spirituality in their own unique ways! They are back just in time for the celebration of Juneteenth with a black defining anthem, “Soul Sister” that celebrates the naturally beautiful black sisters and their equally majestic men who love them indiscriminately. This is a recorded tune that echoes the beauty, excellence, and elegance of the black woman- the way she is able to astonish the world with her mere presence and hence no need to feel inadequate. Just go out there in your natural beauty, wear that splendorous smile, and dance to your favorite music!

This is a powerful anthem at its best. A deeply felt, passionate vocal performance from the smooth and strikingly soft voices, “Soul Sister” is full of inspirational and addicting lyricism. Regardless of your background and musical taste, you will find yourself impossibly moved by this prospective melodic banger- Tribe of Djembe often have this effect on people!

This chilled tune has a danceable quality to it and you wouldn’t mind moving your body and dancing to the infectious beats as you savor the lyrical grandeur and melodic nobility. Their ability to design ageless tunes is unrivaled and you can tell that this tune will still feel the same way, a decade from now!

The exceptional music video features raw and proficiently blended images from the events and adventures that they have attended and you will love each and every scene unfolding before your naked eyes. The cultural and spiritual devotion and the extremely happy people in these events tell you everything you need to know about the Tribe of Djembe- they spread those glorious vibes everywhere they go!

Release your need to be perfect and immerse yourself in the greatness only your beautiful soul can provide! Follow the attached link to watch this music video, save it as a favorite and share it with the naturally beautiful queens and kings to remind them how marvelous they are!


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