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Multi-Versed Music Producer and Songwriter Torxtto Displays the Indisputable Mojo of Massive Talent in His New Anthem, “All Night Long” off of His Upcoming EP, “Xscape”

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Torxtto All Night Long

Accomplished music producer, composer, and songwriter Torxtto who hails from New York City has been persistently and consistently creating a gargantuan melodic universe born of mastery. Productivity of virtuoso-level quality art is core to him and that is why he has been harnessing the fullness of his cognitive capacity as an innovator to produce a glorious body of work in the elements of hip-hop, R&B, pop, reggaeton, and EDM sounds.

He has a new EP, “Xscape” that he is set to release very soon. This collection is set to offer listeners a route to escapism from life’s challenges, relationship uncertainties, and self-sabotaging insecurities that we sometimes carry with us. Starting us on this fulfilling journey is the perfect tune and infectious anthem, “All Night Long” which is the 1st single off of this EP.

This is a grand performance that has been paid attention to detail right from the beginning. The way the bewitching keys euphoniously and cinematically build up is complemented well by the sweet-sounding and enticing male vocals right before the riveting synthetic waves bounce along and blend with the keys and entrancing vocals to fashion an indescribably beautiful body of art.

As the track builds and around the one-minute mark, the EDM embellished motif is unleashed in what is a timeless medley of rhythm and melody backed by the genre-honoring vocal color from the active vocalist. The riffs are big, the vocal performances are even bigger with the hooks seriously catchy- all the things you’d hope for in an anthemic melodic EDM!

Torxtto carves out a generous piece of gloriously infectious eclectic track that exhibits plenty of gratifying melodies, a bombastic sense of rhythm, and a great deal of that quintessential electronic pop and dance attitude, giving listeners a particularly meaty listening experience that they’ll thoroughly enjoy. Right from the intro, “All Night Long” grabs its listeners and refuses to let them go until it’s done with them with its flamboyant attitude helping inject the track with its sense of character.

The deluxe decorated lyricism echoes both the hurt and reminiscence of that good old love that is missing and to anyone who feels like they are caught up in a loop of wanting something that is no longer there, then this is the perfect ballad to savor in,

This is just one piece of the jigsaw and stays tuned to when he finally releases the other mind-boggling pieces!


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