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“They Sold Me On The TV” by Jeristotle

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Jeristotle, a hip-hop luminary on a mission to ignite change through his soul-stirring beats and lyrical prowess, unveils his latest sonic masterpiece, “They Sold Me On The TV.” This track is not just a musical journey but a poignant reflection of Jeristotle’s commitment to making a difference in the world. As a hip-hop entrepreneur who defies traditional age norms in the industry, Jeristotle’s first solo album, “The Birth Of An Artist,” stands as a testament to the belief that it’s never too late to pursue your passion.

In “They Sold Me On The TV,” Jeristotle invites you to experience the raw authenticity of his storytelling, woven intricately into each beat. The track delves into the struggles and triumphs of life, delivering a powerful message about pursuing true passions and building a fulfilling existence. As you immerse yourself in the rhythmic flow and resonant lyrics, you become a part of Jeristotle’s mission – a mission to inspire, uplift, and change lives through the transformative power of music. Join the movement, listen to “They Sold Me On The TV” now, and let the beats of change echo in your soul. Seize the chance to be moved, motivated, and part of a musical revolution that transcends age, defies norms, and embraces the profound impact of authentic storytelling. Your journey awaits; press play and become a part of Jeristotle’s quest for positive change.

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