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The Unusuals drop a new powerhouse jam dubbed “THE WAKE”

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The Unusuals is an epic rap duo made up of Xperience and Ninjaface; an inimitable duo with an attitude who emerged from the depths of the pandemic and are here to kick asses and take names with their unbridled and indefatigable passion. The duo brings to the table a timeless medley of aggressive underground sounds that conjures up comparison with the golden age of rap but is still unheard of—this is rap music that glimpses the past while stepping into the future, with some progressive elements that continue to elicit wide acclaim all over the world.

The Unusuals are once again the talk of the town with their epic new anthem dubbed, “THE WAKE”- a hypnotic anthem that sees The Unusuals captivate the listener by transporting them through vivid storytelling flanked with punchy lyrics and melodies.

I have to be honest; listening to The Unusuals effortlessly deliver makes your favorite self-appointed kings of rap look like a bad joke!

The performance here is top-notch and of the highest quality when it comes to lyrical quality, and it helps that those beats have an old-school underground feel to them. Leaving their mark and stamp on every inch of this performance, The Unusuals leave a listener mesmerized and thoroughly entertained.

Ninjaface gyrates through with his analytical wordplay and intelligent rhymes, and Xperience surges through with an oasis of attention-grabbing bars and spontaneous cadences delivered with his bright vocals.

I feel like “THE WAKE” is the closest thing we have to time travel, with the duo unleashing their A-game to properly serve while still giving something of deep resonance and reverence.

“THE WAKE” is all about the demons we fight; either self-imposed or external ones, that inhibit our growth by holding us back when we want to move forward. The kind that we sometimes need to fight not by running away from them but by embracing them and turning the situation around…feeding off of the pressure as opposed to folding under it!

The Unusuals are renowned for their innovative sounds, and “THE WAKE” is no exception. This masterpiece is quite simply unforgettable…a must-have record for hip-hop devotees looking for something new and refreshing!

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