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The Unusuals have crafted another musical delicacy, “Sweet Potatoes,” featuring Wordsworth.

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People say lightning doesn’t strike twice. Well, they clearly haven’t met The Unusuals—a daredevil duo that makes all your perceived ‘favorite’ rappers look like bad jokes. They transcend the word average in every possible way, personifying hip-hop and rap and giving you everything you have come to revere about the genre. Inside them lie voices, rhymes, and cadences of many colors. And guess what? They aren’t afraid to showcase their talents to anyone willing to listen. Starting today, forget about any rap artist claiming OG status; it doesn’t fit them as it does The Unusuals—the true OGs of the rap game.

They return with a raw, arguably timeless masterpiece dubbed “Sweet Potatoes” with lyrics that explore humans’ misguided feelings of inadequacy, especially when it comes to material things…the perpetual feeling that others possess more than we do, often overshadowing our appreciation for what we have. Here, The Unusuals take you on a journey—a rollercoaster one that, once it takes you higher up and the adrenaline is over the roof, reminds you of the joy and satisfaction of simpler moments!

For any rap artist who grew up in the ’90s and early ’00s, this track hits closer to home thanks to that soulful, nostalgic production that takes you way back in time.

Between Wordsworth’s emotion-laden hooks, Xperience and Ninjaface exchange verses and bars, each asserting their lyrical prowess, each showcasing their lyrical dominance in the most efficient way possible to keep you heavily invested throughout this track.

The simplicity of the beat works in their favor, accentuating the depth of their lyricism.

“Sweet Potatoes” is already streaming on all your favorite digital platforms and is everything good about hip-hop and rap music…simply put, you deserve this jam as part of your routine listening!

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