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The Nied’s Hotel Band Blend a Gracious and Immersively Authentic and Melodic- Genre-Bending Piece of Craft in “We’re Just Fine – 2022 Remastered Version”

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John Vento is the professional artist behind the Americana band group The Nied’s Hotel Band that brings great music and great vibes fashioned in high-energy, immersive, and passionate rhythm and blues performances in the city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. John Veto has also been topping the charts with his multi-diverse musical style that defies the norms and transcends the lyrical and melodic boundaries of anyone defined genre. He is a genre of his own fitting in perfectly to any sound and style he takes hostage, taking his listeners on an eclectic musical journey with a distinctive Americana sound that is flavored in American roots music which combines the ambient cinematic sounds of such sounds as a country, blues, rock-a-Billy, bluegrass, swing, and other traditionally defined cultural styles to design powerful and emotion-evoking, sometimes upbeat and motivating tunes. What is unique about his style is that he ensures that all his craft is detailed to precision while delivering melodic bliss blended with ear-gracing instrumentation.

This track “We’re Just Fine – 2022 Remastered Version” is a huge testament to the band’s production’s versatility and innate talent on display. The band maintains a fully charged arsenal of high octane performance that supports the fact that this song is going to make a deeply strong impact on the music industry, as well as the charts. Coming out of the euphonious cages dripped in a spectrum of intense and colorful guitars, this song unites all the founding melodies and voices under one exceptionally upbeat umbrella that allows each of the band’s members to succeed with artistic proficiency in their various roles in making this the certified success it is!

The voices boasting the twanging elements of intense vocal sounds lift up the spirits of a listener as they glide through the instrumentation with the dignity of mastery and the authenticity of audacity- pulling the listener in an exhilarating stupor as the repeated and catchy phrases form an anthemic flair that gathers up ethereal momentum with dignified modernity! It’s like we are in the 80s all again as the inspiring lyrics echo through the melting instrumentation and extra percussion sessions ignited by the longhorn sections that drip with power and, fashion a call and response momentous magic with the vocals to deliver an eternally satisfactory feeling.

There is so much power in the track that is marvelously inflicted on a listener, so they too feel instantaneously powerful. To get some of that power for yourself, follow the attached link and let the melody fixate itself on you or vice versa!

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