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Indie Rock Outfit The Magic ES’ “Talk in Tongues” EP Is a Display of Such Unvarnished and Uncompromising Authenticity From This Highly-Rated Band.

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United by pure love and passion for music, The Magic Es is a three-piece band made up of phenomenally gifted and versatile musicians and instrument players who blend their musical tastes and ideas together to come up with catchy and timeless masterpieces with roots in pop and rock. Even though they have established a consistent brand, they are non-conformists who pride themselves in their versatility and innate competency to deliver music in multiple forms.

Despite the surface differences in genres and styles, the band’s music resonates with a fan base that values authenticity and offers unwavering support for their preferred music. Building on each of the member’s past musical endeavors by adding a wild array of musical influences, this band walks the line between many genres and offers no apologies. Their collective works have a texturally diverse and sonically bold palette that is truly unique and authentic.

With just the turn of a phrase, pedal-laden atmospheric rock n roll guitar, insane bass licks, punchy drums, and the rolling rhythm of delicate fingerpicking, The Magic Es evoke imagery that is vulnerable while retaining strength and power that would take most a lifetime to procure with their “Talk in Tongues” EP, a project that was birthed in the summer of 2022 at the fantastic Orange Tree Studios in Norfolk. The band enlisted the help of highly talented mixer and producer Andy Hodgson to perfect this sound.

The opening track “Give Me Something” features an enchanting guitar riff that sets the tone for this rollicking masterpiece that is brimming with energy and pulsing with adrenaline-fueled pop rock with plenty of swagger and attitude. This track features dynamic riffs, powerful drumming, and rippling bass lines that serve as the perfect backdrop for lead vocalist Pete Thompson’s vocals that possess an authentic, stream-of-consciousness quality. This track is also highlighted by an unforgettable hook and sing-along chorus that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

“Gone” is quite emotional and uniquely vibrant, with the band adopting a more melodious approach to singing, songwriting, and performance. It is also quite simply one of those songs that translate well to the stage, and are guaranteed to bring down the house, thanks to that big chorus at its core. Fans of pure, authentic, and uncut pop and rock music will undoubtedly find a lot to savor about this song thanks to its unwavering sound that proves the genre is as vibrant and haunting as ever!

“Keep The Good People Around” is another bona fide standout, with the band adopting a more melodious approach to performance and luring the listener in with their imaginative and passion-fueled all-around delivery. This tune features great production, a solid mix, and excellent guitar riffs that also serve as the backbone for the outstanding chorus. There are just incredible guitar tones across the board; the drums hit hard, and the bass cuts through nicely. The vocals sound amazing, with a great and punchy rock “snarl” to the delivery.

The last song, “Little Mistake,” is emotion-drenched with terrific lyrics, excellent flow, and imagery, especially with the catchy and repeated chorus. This is a fantastic rock song and an excellently done track, true to the spirit of the genre. Very nice job to everyone involved.

Currently, The Magic Es are working on their 3rd studio album, looking forward to sharing it with fans as soon as it’s ready for release.

For now, quench your musical thirst with this refreshing and timeless piece of work that is guaranteed to arouse a deep interest in the band’s music…worry not because they have enough music to last you a lifetime!

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