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Spectral Rock Outfit The Immaculate Crows’ Album, “Zombie World” Is Emotive and Deeply Meaningful.

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Album cover of 'Zombie World

The Immaculate Crows is a rock band that has been through thick and thin, standing the test of unavoidable changes emanating from some of the original members leaving and others joining. All the same, the band persists, maintaining their distinctive musical essence: authentic, genre-defying, and one that meets and surpasses expectations. The album “Zombie World” features 12 tracks in total, 4 of which were originally produced by Bruce, one of the founding members of the group who now plays harmonica, guitar and sometimes bass in this new lineup.

One of the standout qualities of this album apart from the technical dexterity, outstanding showmanship, and impassioned vocal performances, is the variety offered in the themes. The band has deconstructed real life and packaged it in the form of emotive tracks that talk about mental health, drug addiction, female empowerment, government propaganda, cancel culture, bullying, domestic violence, and so much more. This is proof that rock isn’t just about the music; it’s also about our stories being told in other artists’ voices!

“Anti-Vaxxer” is one of the many tracks from this album that really intrigue me. Anti-Vaxxer” carries an undeniable swagger and attitude, with some muscular riffs, powerful drumming, and melodic bass lines that create that captivating backdrop that beautifully complements the spotlight-stealing lead female vocals. The drums are effortlessly precise throughout and straight to the point; the bass adds a touch of elegance and rhythm; and the guitars spread delightful melodies all around. The depth of the lyricism is appealingly supplemented by the dexterous execution of the music itself. This song has been inspired by meaningless propaganda that people hold onto as the truth, start believing in, and refuse to subscribe to any other school of thought, even when it rightfully challenges their beliefs and thinking!

“Van Gogh” which I can only assume is a tribute to the Dutch painter Vincent Willem van Gogh sees The Immaculate Crows kicking down the front door and holding nothing back. High-octane guitars and a vibrant tempo give this blues rock the colors of punk and thrash. Mirroring the tune’s high energy, guitar solos tear through the stratosphere and leave no fret untouched, leaving no question unanswered and therefore no room for critique!

“Poverty Queen” is another bona fide standout that speaks strongly against poverty and serves as the perfect self-empowering anthem for anyone working hard to release themselves from the grasp of poverty. The Immaculate Crows really do dazzle with some fantastic drum and bass playing right from the intro. The drums are punchy and delicious, and the singing is nothing short of immaculate, painting vivid pictures of the inspiration behind such skillful songwriting.

“Broken Heart” is a colorful tapestry of sound with alternative country influences. The harmonica is a standout instrument in this song and adds flair and crystal-clear polish to the arrangement. The singing is crisp and detailed, echoing the stylistic flexibility of a roots sound that punches through the heart of the listener. The vocals are emotion-drenched and soulful, perhaps mirroring the poignant lyrics and the melancholic subject matter of the song.

The title track, “Zombie World” revels in its definite sense of musical identity and brilliantly psych demeanor. This downtempo track employs mesmeric guitars, swirling organs, and slamming rock drums to set the stage perfectly for both the male and female’s powerful and stirring vocal performances. Drawing inspiration from 1960s psychedelic rock as well as 1990s shoegaze, this track should resonate with rock audiences of all kinds, thanks to its polished production and high levels of musicianship.

The track is also brimming with virtuosic guitar techniques; the drums are punchy and crisp, cutting right through with tremendous clarity and authority. The organs and bass sit nicely in the mix and do well to fill out the sound. The vocal performances are simply brilliant, with such spectacular female and male rock voices with exceptional power and range. This track has a wonderfully restrained energy and intensity to it, perfect for this style and genre. The underlying theme about the drug addiction menace and its impact is also very relevant…terrific job all around!

This is just part of this exclusive and cathartic listening experience, so if I were you, I’d immediately leave what I am doing and follow the link below for an unforgettable listening experience.

The Immaculate Crows are rock music personified, and you really need to experience their magic while you still can!


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