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“The Double” by Tom Korkidis

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Tom Korkidis has once again proven his prowess as a musical storyteller with his latest single, “The Double.” Inspired by Denis Villeneuve’s thought-provoking film “Enemy,” Tom takes listeners on a cinematic journey through sound, capturing the existential dread and curiosity of encountering one’s doppelgänger. Drawing from José Saramago’s novel, Tom weaves a narrative that is as introspective as it is engaging, layering haunting melodies and introspective lyrics to create a musical landscape that lingers long after the song ends.

If you’re a fan of music that challenges the mind and stirs the soul, “The Double” by Tom Korkidis is a must-listen. Dive into this musical exploration of identity and duality, where each note and lyric is crafted with precision and depth. Stream “The Double” today on your favorite platform, and experience firsthand why Tom Korkidis continues to push the boundaries of music and storytelling. Don’t miss out on this captivating journey – it’s a sonic experience you won’t soon forget.

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