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Phenomenally Gifted British Pop Queen TaniA Kyllikki Has a New Rewarding Ballad Titled, “H.W.C.”

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By now you’ve already heard of the British sensation TaniA Kyllikki who is astonishing the music world with the sheer level of musicality she has been unleashing, if not, then you are not too late and there is still no better time for you to know her. This eclectic songstress was born in a small town on the outskirts of London and she has always gravitated toward singing- at one time she actually was the lead singer of her church choir. Things have not been particularly bread and butter for her as she has suffered a great deal of turmoil with life’s dark side visiting her on numerous occasions but she has remained firm, steadfast, unwavering and truly exemplifies that titan spirit to keep fighting no matter how difficult the odds may seem!

Her own music borrows from the many influences she has adopted growing up including and not limited to pop, blues, R&B, classics and even Gospel. She has the voice of gold that glitters with such effortless power over any sort of instrumentation and it is little wonder why she is stealing so many listeners’ hearts with her artistry each and every day.

She is back with another enthralling gift; “H.W.C.” which is the acronym for, “Handle With Care.” This is her latest ballad that breaks the boundaries present in R&B and pop in striking ways. Making its way from a blissful vocal harmony, the piano performed with such theatrics and virtuosity takes over while her raw vocals that are unblemished are allowed to dominate. Slowly, the track builds as she takes the listener all the way, occasionally drifting into an emotionally touching and compelling chorus.

This tune is added a bit of flavor with the strings, pads and a very steady bass line. Her lead and backing vocal harmonies create within themselves a coruscating orchestra that is such an earworm.

This track is emotionally relatable with the lyrics delivered from a skeptical woman’s point of view- she has been in love before and was hurt and she is thus not yet at that stage to go all in even if the love before her feels genuine. She needs time because, like the vulnerable woman she is, she has a fragile heart that breaks easily.

Deeply vulnerable and wholeheartedly performed; this is exactly what you need! Follow the attached link, stream this tune, save it and put it on loop all day long!


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