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American Pop Artist Taija New Continues to Set Herself Apart Following the Release of Her New, Deservedly Acclaimed Single, “So Long.”

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Everything that songstress Taija New creates has her blood running through it. Coming through the ranks and transforming the knowledge she has been learning into musical success, she has been defining a world of her own that is just as emulatable as it is indisputable. Her raw and impassioned vocals give vibrant life to her song’s anthemic lyrics, backed by her innate gift for storytelling, which is as apparent on stage as it is on paper. Her voice—big, bold, and expansive—is an uncontainable force that helps her push the boundaries within Pop, Hip hop and R&B. Taija’s indefatigable personality, unvarnished authenticity, musicianship, and lyricism are definitely bound to burrow into your bones!

Her new single “So Long” is just a highlight of what this ingenious innovator can deliver; a masterpiece boasting both sonic elegance and warmth is what you get from this record. Taija goes all out to give a matchless performance that reaches unprecedented heights.

Her vocal harmonies at the intro are just something else entirely, and the way the melodies follow soon after echoing the rhythm is grandiose to say the least. The imposing futuristic pop and hip hop speaker-biting beats give “So Long” that strong rhythmic gusto!

Taija makes a grand entrance with some thought-provoking, intense bars delivered in a straight-talking, raw, and honest manner to highlight the theme of this tune. It’s just astonishing at how effortlessly she can sing and rap; it’s almost imperceptible, which is what defines her superstar qualities!

“So Long” is all about self-worth; realizing that someone has been playing and using you all along and ending that relationship with immediate effect. In as much as they had done it for quite some time, you are now aware and you choose to walk out with them and leave their miserable souls alone.

“So Long” already has over 16K Spotify streams in such a short time since it was released and was also added to Spotify’s Discovery Week Algorithmic Playlist, which shows the impact it has had even on new listeners looking for something invigorating, refreshing, and different to feed their souls.

To stream “So Long”; follow the attached link and save a spot for this magical piece under your favorite playlist!

Taija New is now gearing up for the release of her new album, “Unsolicited Material,” which is expected to drop any time soon. Follow her everywhere for this and much more updates!


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