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The Spanish Invasion of Sensual Fantasy; This is “VIVIR SIN TI” by STENLISHA

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Stenlisha Vivir Sin Ti

She epitomizes all that is great music-making stunningly innovative compositions that have raised her to industrial dominance and global eminence. “VIVIR SIN TI” is the type of love song to make your day. It is a romantic ballad that floods your ears with romance, good vibes and makes for a satisfying heart as her voice which feels like its talking to you in a more intimate manner marvelously assaults your senses making you heavily invested in each and every tone, lyric, melody and harmonic being emanated from this fascinating allure. The deeply layered percussive beats that introduce us to heaven on earth, the delicate swing of the piano, and the hypnotic and sensationally blistering acoustic guitar encapsulate the passionate intimacy of this track. The solid arrangement of the bass and the melodic echo of the trumpet brings this song to a harmonic maturity which is nothing like you have heard before. This is different, unique, dynamic, moving and exceptionally emotional in its delivery and performance.

The calm purity in her voice, the relaxed charm in her delivery, and the way she brings those Spanish lyrics to life in her own angelic manner is a staggeringly breathtaking scene to behold. The song closely translates to, “I do not want to live without you, I don’t want you to dream without me, a love, everything different, My world is for you.” These catchy phrases are repeated to emphasize in her natural angelic and surprisingly calm vocality that has dexterity and technicality to it.

Listening to this and you will want to surrender your word to your loved one and wish to travel to another uninhabited planet where you will only be the two of you left in the whole universe. The inviting strings of the guitar following a free-flowing piano tempo before opening up to a harmonic trumpet and the blend of a subtle bass is everything you’d wish for in good music. And it is everything that has been delivered and made even better as her crisp and delicious voice draws on her superb natural affinity for music to invoke layers of lovable emotions from the romanticized melody with hints of joy and moving exuberance. It is a transcendental sense of breath, thanks to the smoothly flowing tempo that gives it a nice ebb and flow. My personal ask of you is to spread the love by streaming this miraculous track and let your heart, body, and soul be drawn to its appealing elements.


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