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Barcelona-based band Soulcare’s “Live at Milano Jazz Club” live performance is one to remember.

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Fronted by lead singer and producer Yann Gaslain and music producer and pianist Rodrigo Pa-Lhen, Soulcare is a Barcelona-based jazz band bringing you original compositions as well as remodeled all-time classics all in service of music that stands the test of time and is catchy, and that is exactly what happened when they took the stage at Milano Jazz Club, offering an unforgettable musical odyssey that will be spoken of for a very long time.

You don’t stumble upon live performances like this every other Tuesday. What the public at the famed Milano Jazz Club enjoyed as a memorable night of great music sharing is a culmination of Soulcare’s over 2-year journey of hard work, relentless passion for music, and unwavering determination in order to bring moments like these into reality…kudos for a magnificent job well done!

“Live at Milano Jazz Club” is now streaming everywhere, and as the selfless being I am, I have decided to give you a satisfying glimpse…more like a trailer into this musical masterpiece before you sink your teeth into it from the first track all the way to the twelfth one because they are all worth it.

At its core, the opening track “Your Song” features a lovely arrangement exuded by that combination of the drum set, the piano, the bass, and the guitar. This performance has been tailor-made for listeners enjoyment, with the romantic lyrics set to whimsical observations and that pleasant lead vocal making this an undeniable favorite. So go ahead and tell everybody, “This is your song.”

“Fly me to the Moon” is another ballad that features an ambient piano manufactured by the skilled fingerprints of Rodrigo setting the tone, joined by that neat and warmly snuggly voice of Gaslain as he literally takes the listener to the moon with his polished performance. The instrumentation is quite lovely, and a strong element of it is that trumpet, which is quite adrenaline-rushing and adds such sonic elegance and color to the arrangement. Props to Guillerno for such accomplished virtuosity.

Another irresistible masterpiece is “Étoile Filante,” which features the band’s quintessential Spanish language as they whisk a listener to a musical paradise that is joyful and nostalgic. The start is pleasant, with that crash cymbal blending with the melodious piano right before the lead singer breathes life into his effortlessly powerful voice that is golden and rich.

The cello, trumpet, bass, drums, and guitar add a never-ending thrill and excitement to this song that translates to ‘shooting star.’

“When I Was Your Man” is a re-invented Bruno Mars classic, with Soulcare finding their own creative foundation with intriguing creative finesse to deliver a tune that is emotionally gratifying and universally appealing. The cello brings that cinematic thrill, and the blend with the piano provides ideal support for the lead and backing vocalists’ stunning vocal harmonies.

You can grasp the raw emotions of remorse in Gaslain’s voice as he goes on to project the essence of the track marvelously.

“The Long and Winding Road” is another first-class performance, with the dulcet piano tones laying the foundation from which Gaslain builds on with his gracious, crystal clear voice that is as powerful as it is gentle. Delivered with the feeling of heartbreak, this performance is guaranteed to connect with its listener on a deep personal level.

There is a lot for a listener to relish in this impassioned performance from a band reaching an unrivaled high.

The live video is also available on Soulcare’s official YouTube channel.

Follow the attached link and let the music here scratch your musical itch, uplift your soul, and offer solace!

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