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Songs From The Heart Delivers a Chilling and Emotive Performance with the Single “Adios Amigo”

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Songs From The Heart is a musical collective made up of the duo Nienke and Cindy. The duo aims to make music that resonates with listeners from various backgrounds on a personal and emotional level. They prioritize authenticity in their music, ensuring it always remains genuine. Taking inspiration from everyday life—the good and the bad—they create music that people can relate to on various levels. Their primary ambition is to inspire and uplift, while also entertaining with their heartfelt original music.

The song “Adios amigo” has been set to a chilling soundscape backed by hauntingly beautiful piano and guitar tones.
On the mic, Cindy sings her heart out with her beautiful, crystal clear, and golden voice, taking a listener on a journey through the melancholic emotions involved with saying goodbye to someone you were very close to, in an evidently romantic manner.

“Adios amigo” is a Spanish phrase that translates to ‘goodbye friend’. Cindy really packs an appropriate punch with her emotion-drenched voice, capturing the raw emotions involved with saying goodbye to someone who meant the world to you.

But it’s not all gloom and doom; there are some hopeful feelings captured that perhaps, with time, the relationship will be mended and return to what it was, but for now, we just have to settle for the goodbye.

The mellow, gentle, yet powerful production wraps around the lyrics like a warm embrace. The emotive delivery and impeccable flows accentuate the weight of the lyrics.

This beautiful and powerful track, with its deeply relatable theme and clear delivery, deserves the spotlight.

To enjoy this tune, follow the link below, make sure you subscribe to Songs From The Heart’s YouTube channel, like the lyric video, comment below, and add the jam to your library.


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