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Up-And-Coming Pop Music Prodigy Sienna Evangeline Releases Her Second Single Titled “Got That Spark.”

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Sienna Evangeline made her presence felt with her debut single, “I Am Strong,” which she released when she was nine years old. What many people did not know was that this ingenious talent that some of them were hearing for the first time had already been a work in progress since she was 5 years old when her musical passion was sparked and she has never looked back ever since. Her story is inspiring and one meant for the big screen because she has already achieved so much at such a young age…her meteoric rise to stardom at this point is simply inevitable.

Aged 10 now, Evangeline is back with her sophomore release “Got That Spark”. This track is magical, impactful, authentic, and unique.

Even at her tender age, Sienna has such a commanding stage presence, and you can feel her signature and presence stamped all over this modern pop masterpiece. The track has been lovingly arranged and exquisitely produced and offers solid support for her euphonious vocals to make an impact.

She is daring and isn’t afraid to test her vocal depth and range, which is one of the most fascinating things about her. This performance has ‘confidence’ written all over it. The way she packs a powerful punch with those inspirational and relatable lyrics is delightfully charming.

This performance is the mark of an authentic talent discovering what it is like to be finally free; the hook-laden chorus is going to camp in your head and beautifully haunt you for the rest of the day, and there is nothing you can do about that…not that you should anyway!

What Sienna Evangeline demonstrates with this performance is showmanship way beyond her years; you can feel the growth from her debut single. She has managed to come harder with a track that oozes charisma, raw talent, and deserved acclaim…long may it continue!

I fear I may lack enough words to convey the true depths of my appreciation for “Got That Spark,” but all I know is that Evangeline has already proven beyond reasonable doubt that she’s got that knack for radio-friendly songs, and this is a shining example of that.

Having already left a lasting impression on me, it is with pleasure that I recommend this masterpiece to you, and I hope you enjoy it as much as she enjoyed making it!

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