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Athens-Based Poet Shedrick S.H.E.D. Barnett Drops a Powerhouse Single Titled “More Than Friends,” Featuring the Genuinely Gifted Female Singer DaniJay.

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Shedrick S.H.E.D. Barnett captivates his audiences by transporting them through vivid storytelling backed up with poetry mastery. The ultimate goal for this ingenious poet is to provide a space where listeners can escape from the negativity of everyday life and find solace in his relatable poetry.

With his unique blend of spoken word-fueled punchy lyrics and storytelling, Barnett is rapidly becoming a master of the music scene. He already has five albums and many singles to his name. His 2022 album “A Poet Was Here, Vol. 1” is his fifth and latest, and it is part of a series that will develop into other volumes.

From this 20-track compilation is the ethereally fulfilling and visceral masterpiece, “More Than Friends,” on which he collaborated with the up-and-coming R&B singer DaniJay and the result of that is something genuinely likable.

DaniJay is first to arrive on the scene with her sweet-toned vocals delivering what makes up the blissful chorus for this piece. Injecting the tune with her lovely presence, she gives this song a dynamic and haunting thrill.

Barnett then honors his call professionally and goes on to deliver a medley of stunning wordplay, visual metaphors, and thought-inspiring cadence effortlessly with his radiant voice that is uniquely his!

Barnett actually puts a listener in his own shoes with that eloquent conveyance and golden voice, luring you in from the get-go and taking you with him through his super-refined delivery.

“More Than Friends” is a relatable tale of someone wanting to move things forward with the person they hold a special feeling for, and this is the letting them know how they feel and how they wish to take the next major romantic step with them.

Both Barnett and DaniJay flesh out some complementary and flattering lines that have been delivered from a male point of view and really echo a point in Barnett’s life, and that is what makes it deeply relatable.

This track is a reflection of an artist who finds beauty in words, and his ability to create relatable pieces through his observational technique is what ultimately sets him apart from the rest.

To enjoy this performance; follow the attached link and add the track to your favorite playlist!


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