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British rapper Seyi O has released his debut EP, dubbed “Retain The Pressure.”

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Seyi O Retain The Pressure

Seyi O, a rising British rapper, is just beginning what he hopes will be a long and successful career filled with countless critically acclaimed records. Keeping a consistent focus on progression and proving to be a skilled master of honing his craft, he is set to develop a truly solid foundation that is ready to be built upon into something absolutely phenomenal. You can expect big things from this highly-rated lyricist, who has already made an impression on his friends and the ‘BBC Music Introducing’ and is now ready to soar high like an eagle, astonishing the world with the view of his musical ingenuity!

Seyi O has just released his debut EP, a 4-track masterpiece themed “Retain The Pressure which has a deeply meaningful theme at its core.

“Retain The Pressure” is about embracing that pressure in all aspects of life and using it to your own advantage to conquer. Instead of crumbling under the pressure, how about you let it in, let it mold you into something unconquerable. Instead of letting it consume you, how about you let it drive you and fuel you to do things you didn’t imagine possible, as you do, you will come to know how gorgeous and terrific your life really is!

A track like “These kinda days” speaks of the defeated heart and soul that befalls every one of us at times, but which is the core ingredient to get us to power ourselves up and destroy that charade of superficiality that many fine souls among us are stuck in.

In reality, either you allow yourself to become paralyzed by the pressure or you can choose to feed off it, go there, and astonish the world…but you just don’t get to do both.

“Letter to you if you need it” is a laid-back, poetically delivered masterpiece that will serve as motivation for anyone feeling a little overwhelmed by the pressure. You have to refrain from allowing the pressure to defeat you, instead, make your leap in your own original way and no longer resist your primal power to feed off of that pressure.

Throughout this record, you’ll be made aware of an artist at the top of his game, flanked by an innate capacity as a rhymester and one who isn’t afraid to test his lyrical depth against fashion excellence.

This is truly his time, and now is the moment for Seyi O to go on and carve out his own niche in the rarefied air of the finest rappers, and musicians who have ever existed in the music world. And to enter the universe of the true avid storytellers, eminent songwriters, and authentic performers who have been responsible for some of the most revered global hits!



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