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“Self Sabotage” by DETH ATLAS

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In a bold musical debut, DETH ATLAS unleashes their powerful anthem, “Self Sabotage,” igniting a blaze of emotion and resonance. From the first chord, listeners are thrust into a whirlwind of heavy instrumentation and gripping lyrical narratives, showcasing the band’s mastery of their craft. With thunderous drum beats and soaring guitar riffs, the song delves deep into the universal struggle of confronting one’s inner demons, emerging as a triumphant ode to resilience and self-discovery.

As the lead-off to their musical repertoire, “Self Sabotage” sets a high bar, establishing DETH ATLAS as a formidable force in the music scene. The track’s electrifying energy and relatable themes promise a riveting experience for listeners everywhere. So, heed the call and immerse yourself in the sonic journey of “Self Sabotage” – let the music awaken your spirit and ignite the flames of resilience within.

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