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“See Me” by TULA

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Pianist, singer and songwriter Tula, who sings from the heart encapsulates the raw emotions of feeling lost, insignificant, and neglected in her new single, “See Me” that hits a listener right in the spot. And more than the music, this song holds a personal place in her heart as it preceded one of the saddest days of her life when he friend was caught up in a near-death situation, following the Hamas attacks on Israel and Tula felt so helpless not being in a position to save her friend, and shared in the mental torture being with her friend on a whatsapp call till she was safe.

After this scenario, these lyrics actually found new meaning, reverberating with newfound deep emotions and that is what makes it so special. The poignant piano tones provide a captivating backdrop, delightfully complementing her deeply emotional vocals. This is a truly special and moving performance.

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