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Scarlett Siren & the Howlin’ Tramps Are Set to Release a New Single Dubbed ‘Trouble” on April 23, 2023

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Scarlett Siren & The Howlin’ Tramps - Trouble

Scarlett Siren and The Howlin’ Tramps’ knack for the specifics and tailored delivery place you there beside it as the story unfolds; A Portland-based musical collective fronted by the vocal queen Scarlet Siren, Scarlett Siren & The Howlin’ Tramps, delivers orgasmic energy through the eclectic sparkles in their music. The collective’s freedom of expression, Siren’s spine-tingling vocals that suit all kinds of genres, and the tremendous songwriting craftsmanship display the collective’s musical gifts, which has led to Scarlet being hailed as the voice of the new generation!

Blending the blues and psych rock with Scarlet’s haunting vocals is another form of ecstasy, and this is exactly what happens with Scarlett Siren & The Howlin’ Tramps’ new single, “Trouble”.

Hearing all the instruments come alive and transferring the energy through Scarlet’s voice feels, in a sense, like traveling between dimensions. It feels like Siren just taps into her feminine energy, singing like a canary in a way that is both memorable and heartwarming.

“Trouble” is a genuine masterpiece performed with near-flawless execution so that it feels both timeless and yet completely of the moment. Deftly navigating through the blues rock genre, Scarlet delivers an entrancing vocal performance in a way that feels honest, endearing, and relatable.

As the tune progresses, I love how they add dynamism to reflect that invigorating and energy-boosting psych rock peppered through with that sublime concoction of riffs and drums to engineer something exceptionally and irresistibly epic.

There is just something about this performance that really makes the tune feel special. Not forgetting the accompanying music video that features some eye-catching acting scenes blended together professionally to highlight the subject matter of this masterpiece.

“Trouble” sees Scarlet take on the role of a savior, saving her female friends from abusive partners. This is all creatively captured in that stunning music video.

“Trouble” will officially be available for streaming on April 23, 2023. To receive real-time updates, follow the frontwoman, Scarlet Siren, on the attached social networks.


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