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Sawyer Presents The Most Decorated Full Length Debut Album Of Our Time, “Happy Hour” – Upgraded Radically And Irrevocably

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Sawyer Happy Hour

Take a luxurious trip to exotic places born of monumental potential as Sawyer presents to you “Happy Hour” that has been created and produced with an efficiency that is striking. From Soul to Rock to R&B, you get it all with this charming delicacy. As you sip the aura from the deep wells of the powerful, soul-stirring, eclectic and stratospheric songs to ensure that a listener is well hydrated and making sure you stay at your energetic best as you tap dance your way across the dance floor or the floor of your home and before you know it you are flailing your arms manically and grooving intensely to this bombastic album. This is to be listened from start to finish and not fast-forwarded via remote button; the idea is to immerse yourself in its lasting, overall mood and ambiance with the album being balanced artistically to encapsulate tracks that flow between moments of calmness to higher levels of intensity and infectious vibrancy which is brilliant and creates an intriguing sense of dynamism to the album that helps keep the listener heavily invested from the start to finish.


The mix of the lead, acoustic and electric guitars are backed magnificently by the unbridled drum machines and the soaring lead vocal performance by Jacob Sawyer that captures the unrestrained spirit of the Album perfectly. The chunky complex instrumentations, the blistering lead guitars; the solid arrangement makes this album a fantastic slice of melodic rock, R&B, and soul that echoes the genre’s nostalgic heydays with exemplary admiration and respect.

This album exemplifies prodigious creative achievement like a few others in the music industry. Sawyer is not only an inventor but a damn great sound engineer who has leveraged on his talents and expressed the fullness of his inherent greatness, setting his musical gifts, talents, and powers ablaze. His lead vocals are a very spicy element of the album as he manages to exceptionally blend hints of rock with his own eccentric technique, resulting in a tremendously compulsive vocal performance that sears and soars throughout the album, while also demonstrating marvelous versatility.

There is a Hollywood ending to the album as he pays tribute to Lord Huron with that near-mystical cover of the track “The Night We Met” showcasing his wide vocal range as he imbues this song with his mellifluous vocals flourishing magically and every accompanying lyricism calibrated to world-class delivery. There could never be a better ending! This is a visceral listening experience and if you haven’t already jumped on its monumental phenomenon you are clearly missing out. We want more!

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