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Miami Based Singer and Songwriter Sarah Belle Serves Us a Heartfelt Dose of a Prolific Pop Ballad Dubbed, “Say U Love Me”

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Sarah Belle Quarter-Life Crisis

Coming through the musical ranks, Sarah Belle has always been a behind-the-scenes songwriter but not anymore; she decided that now is her time to put a face to her genuine and brilliant songwriting skills and complement that with some vocals to die for. She is already making an impact with her impressive catalog boasting of grandiose tunes such as; “Spring” and “Quarter-Life”. She has added to that groundbreaking list with her latest one, “Say U Love Me” which is the first single off of her upcoming EP. She already has over 6 K Spotify monthly listeners as her authentic style of music and delivery imposes itself on listeners from all over!

Music is one universally unifying factor and she hopes that through her own artistry she will unite people together in love and peace. She has a new favorite jam that is titled, “Say U Love Me’ and I don’t know if its only me but her heartwarming performance is reminiscent of Olivia Rodrigo’s- she has the kind of voice you’d listen to all day long without getting enough of it.

“Say U Love Me” is all about the performance with its piano-dominant melodic glow alluring from start to finish. The way it has not been overdone and allows her vocals to shine so that the raw emotions can be felt is genuinely the mark of consummate artistry. She put her heart and soul into this performance and leaves nothing to be desired.

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There is a way the melody is designed in equally smooth and filled euphonic waves with the full-piano sound culminating at some point to design a compelling percussion by itself that gives a listener an eargasm!

This tune echoes the longing of love- the pure unkindled love that comes straight from the heart. the unforced one where you want them to want you as much as you want them and as she sings in part of the chorus, “say you love when it’s over, say you love me when you’re sober…”, this is kind of unconditional love one passionately desires!

To feed your melodic craving off of this profound pop ballad; follow the attached link, follow her, stream this and her other two singles and save it as a favorite to enjoy this summer and the many that will follow!

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